Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 33

Note: This was intended to be posted on Saturday, when I wrote it. My days feel like they are just melding together, we've had so much to do.

Monday: School lessons were slow. While Lily made her day interesting by doing her bookwork starting from the back sections of her book and working her way forward, Iris spent TWO HOURS doing the same two pages. I was on the brink of insanity with that child. She absolutely refused to get any work done. While they lunched, I made some phone calls to my old school to see how much I owed them and what I needed to do to get back to my own classes. We then headed to the district attendance office to sign an affidavit that states we are homeschooling and to not bother us. It makes it easier. If for whatever reason the truancy officers are called about my kids running about, all they have to do is check the system and find us there. :) Afterward, we headed to the store and did math while adding up the total for groceries. This was my first day hauling ALL four of my children around without my husband to help. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Tuesday: Lessons went along like they did on Monday. Lily continued her work backwards just because it made it more interesting that way. Iris spent another two hours on the same two pages. I had a WIC appointment, which was tedious. It was a class on nutrition. Seeing as I've done this four times already, I'm a pro. So both my children and I were bored. Thankfully they had a little hackey-sack game that the girls played while I answered questions and the girls got to win prizes. They then grabbed a bunch of toothbrushes from the dentist who was talking to everyone there, and we left, headed to the library. Library day is usually fun, but unfortunately I have to hover around the children's section with them as they are under the age of ten and are not allowed unattended. I MISS the old library we used to go to where my children could browse without my hovering. The librarian knew them and knew they would stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, because of this, they were reprimanded and I was scolded frequently by the staff because I was letting my children browse the aisles. This was also the last day my children were to see their grandpa Doug. Doug was moving to Oklahoma for a new job endeavor and wouldn't be back again until June when he would pick up Gin and their things to their new home. The kids' uncle Joey and aunt Lauren came up from Austin and we spent a little bit of family time (unfortunately without J who was working) before heading back to my mother's house. Day two of being alone with the kids everywhere and I was beyond tired.

Wednesday: CRASH AND BURN. I could not wake up long enough to get out of bed. I am ashamed to admit that I turned on the TV to Nick, Jr. and had the girls watch it until lunch time only getting up long enough to feed them and the baby. I crawled into bed and snuggled with my little man while the girls watched their shows.

Thursday: My mother came home with a wading pool and set it up, along with buckets, outside. The girls stripped down to their underpants and the two eldest played a game of sink or float with Rose. Great learning activity for the toddler that I didn't have to do. :) I hung out on the patio with my little man and watched them learn and play. As the day cooled, they got out, received haircuts from my mother, and were able to spend some much needed quality time with their daddy who came home from work early.

Friday: Back to book work it was. Lily plowed through as usual, switching up her sections so she wouldn't get bored. (Smart kid, that one.) Iris FINALLY got through EVERY single section that day and we were able to place stickers on three chapters for completion. Lily was a bit bummed that she has yet to complete a single section, but seeing as she is six and doing 2nd grade, that's a feat in itself and I told her so. :) I then threw them outside to play.

Saturday: J used this day as a make-up day for Wednesday since I had TV babysit them while I recovered. Using our feet as units of measure, we mapped out the backyard until they became disinterested and played with the wading pool where they got muddy and gross until we headed to their Abuela Gin's house to play.

J worked from last Wednesday until Thursday. He's been off since Thursday afternoon and has spent most of his free time either catching up on sleep or catching up on homework. I'm dragging him to church tomorrow for my mom's Easter shindig.

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