Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 36: HUZZAH!

So implementing our sticker chart really helped get the girls to do their bookwork. It has worked so well, that Rose, my two-year-old, has begun simple bookwork to achieve a sticker for the day. I'm not as tough on her as I am with, say, Lily, who is doing 2nd grade, but sometimes she does lose focus. I'm not worried, though. She's two.

Speaking of Rose, she is doing splendidly at her bookwork. I have to say that my kiddos are not the norm. My daughters (and now my son) have always been above average when it came to developmental milestones. Academically, they have always excelled, and have helped children their age better understand concepts that they already know. It's actually quite wonderful to watch my girls patiently help a friend learn a new concept that they have already mastered. I just wish they were that patient with each other! But I digress... Rose has begun her line tracing. She is doing such a great job that I've added angles to the lines. Not only that, but she surprised the heck out of me by counting further than I knew she could. She even recognized the number 100. I didn't even know she knew that number yet!

Lily and Iris are excited for their certificates. I've actually had to tell them that they should wait to have a collection so they can use them for something BIG. They keep shoving it in my face asking for cake, but I want them to be patient and learn to save them and spend them wisely. I think this is good practice for when they start earning an allowance for chores and such.

Good news: at the end of May we are moving into our own apartment! FINALLY, we will no longer be homeless and we will be able to get our hands on all of our supplies once more. I am super excited for this and have already started planning the ideas for next year's lessons. It makes go *squee* just thinking about our schoolroom. *sigh* If time only moved faster.

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