Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2011-2012 School Photos

So, I realized something today while we were in Lily's therapy session...we need "school" photos to commerate the look of the year. Seeing as, for once, my kids' faces were clean, and they were wearing clothes not covered in whatever little kids like to get into, I took the opportunity to take a picture of the two eldest as this school year's photos.


Seeing as they were taken with a basic $60 digital camera, by the front door for natural light, behind the recliner for a more uniform background, I think they came out rather well. :)

What Day Is It?

I realize I have not kept track of this year at all, but in all honesty, things have been so crazy, it's amazing that we've done any work at all.

We've been homeless for quite some time now, using the tools we saved on our hardrives, the workbooks and supplies we carry in a large canvas shopping bag, and memberships to the libraries in two different cities (going on three as soon as I get a permanent address). We changed location back in December, and then again a little over a month later. I had my son in February and we will be changing location to a temporary address again in June if things don't change for us.

So currently, Spiral Goddess Home School is a traveling nomad type school. If things don't start looking up by August, we're considering having Lily go to an online school instead. Things have been pretty much in the air since December. Our lessons are simple, mostly workbook related, and a lot of journal entries from the girls. Until things settle down and we have our own place, my blog entries will be few and far between.

Lily is currently doing her 2nd grade work. Iris is in Kindergarten. We are expanding Rose's preschool knowledge until next year when she will continue preschool but will begin actual bookwork like her sisters.

I keep getting issues from the department of human services about my children being homeschooled and compulsory attendance laws, so tomorrow I'm headed to the local school district office and getting a letter from them so that I can show everyone who asks and they can leave us the hell alone with this. Tonight, I'm printing out school IDs that he girls can have in their pockets when they go and play outside.

Things are hectic but the kids are still learning. That's all that matters to me.