We are an eclectic secular home school that prides itself in open-minded learning. We use classical and Montessori teaching techniques as well as anything that may help our children learn. Though our curriculum is not religious based, we incorporate the beliefs, practices, and religions of different cultures to better understand humanity. Theology, philosophy, and sociology are covered through a wide range of books, including, but not limited to, the Bible, Q'uran, Torah, and literature found at Sacred Texts.

We are currently using Elementary School Success as a base for our curriculum. It is a great learning tool to use on the computer and has plenty of ideas that we use and expand on. My children began this curriculum in the 2010-2011 school year and are using the Kindergarten and Second Grade applications. The foreign language set is used, but rarely.

In addition, our workbook exercises are done using the awesome resource provided by Brain Quest.

Muzzy and Friends
Foreign Languages are covered through Muzzy I and II, which covers English, Spanish, French and German. Chinese is available seperately, but we cover that through textbooks and websites. Muzzy is provided through Early Advantage.

The rest of our curriculum is based on what I like to call the OMB, which is the more polite form of the Outta Ma Butt curriculum. Mostly, this just means that we pull our information from multiple sources found for free online, at the public library, or in our own personal library. Through extensive personal research, it seems as if I pulled the ideas for our lessons "outta ma butt."