Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hiatus from Blogging

You were probably wondering if I was still here. I am. Don't worry. I haven't died.

Things have been super crazy here. Back in May we were hit with the downfall of the economy at home. There were budget cuts made and my husband was laid off from his job. I had to make ends meet by getting my own job. Sacrifices had to be made, homeschooling was put on the back burner. Lily returned to the private preschool she went to last year and Iris was getting taught little things here and there in passing. Rose was missing Mommy. I was working two minimum wage jobs, from 8-3 as a substitute teaching assistant, and from 4-11 as a hostess at a local restaurant. To top that off, I was still trying to do a little homeschooling on what little free time I had left as well as my own learnings as I am working on my double BA in History and English. Needless to say I was burning my candle on both ends and left my hostessing job yesterday. AMEN!

I hope to be back here in full swing soon. Though Lily is still at the preschool, we have been doing little things here and there. She only has class in the afternoon and it's mostly a social gathering than anything else. We live in a rural area with no homeschool group, unless you count the 30 minute drive to the nearest one and it is Christian based. So for now, with our ridiculous busy schedules as well as my husband and I going to job interviews since we seriously can not afford living on my minimum wage at the elementary school and his unemployment forever *deep breath*, I'm just going to count my losses and pick up where we left off.

One advantage of working of working at the elementary school as a sub is that I get to see what is available for my children. In all honesty, my 4.5 year old is at first grade level, even second level in some areas. My just-turned-3 year old is in K in a lot. (As for my 1 year old, she'll cut ya.) I take sneak peeks on all the curricula they have and what the textbooks hold. It's like crack for me!

Anyway, today is Halloween, and for me, this is a very sacred holiday. It is a day when I honor those who have passed on and celebrate a new year in front of me. This is the last day of harvest and a night for me to dispose of old habits. (I celebrate a lot of the original Pagan traditions) I will be spending this night with my entire family. We will be lighting candles by the windows and burying apples as well as dressing up and going trick-or-treating.  Everyone have a safe, fun, and wonderful night!

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