Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 0: The One that Got Away

I was going to begin lessons this week, but was unable to. Iris and Rose (my youngest two) have a stomach flu that has kept them lethargic and, for the most part, miserable. Fevers have been up to a little over 103, and the amount of diaper changes due to loose stools should have been a contest. My husband has been Super-Dad for the past few weeks taking care of them while I at work. He should win a prize!

All lessons were few and scanty. We read phonic books for Iris, and Lily practiced some reading and copy work, but all together, nothing more than a subject a day for about 15 minutes. Our foreign languages are a constant thing, since we are learning 3 at the same time. Nothing new to report other than Iris and Rose seem to be doing better, and I hope to pick up our schooling next week.

Oh, and guess who now has the stomach flu as well as sinusitis & conjunctivitis? Yeah, that would be me. Oh, joy.

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