Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kitchens, and Paints, and Maps, Oh MY!

Have I mentioned that I want to turn my playroom into a classroom? Well, I do.

I'm starting to hunker down on home-schooling the girls and getting as much information as possible before "formal" teaching begins. J and I have been searching through catalogs and online to find the things we would like to get for the girls here at home. I remembered we had been given a catalog for school equipment and supplies by a friend in the Department of Public Health. So after running through the catalog I signed up for one online at and found this cute kitchen play set that I would LOVE to get the girls. Cooking and tea parties are their favorite.

Like I mentioned before, I do want to get them a wall map, but J came up with the idea of the pull-down maps we had in public school. That way we can have multiple maps without minimizing space in the room. I found a website that sells ceiling mounts for these kinds of maps. I was thinking the easel kind (like the one posted) would work, too, but I think the ceiling set of 11 maps would work best so I can use them all as they grow.

Then a friend of mine pointed me to for cute storage units. I want to get rid of all these toy boxes to better optimize space for their toys. Making the storage go UP instead of out and around would help with that. The ones on the website were only 20 each.

I am so excited to be looking through all of this now so that when I plan out for the next school year, I'll be able to make this into a "private school" and file all of this stuff in our taxes. I have so many ideas and so little money, it's a bit disheartening, but it will be done! I'm compiling a list of things that I would like to get for our classroom so that way when friends and family ask what they should get the girls, I have a list of supplies and equipment they can look at and buy. I'm tired of having to get rid of multiple toys they don't care for or play with. This way I don't have to keep getting rid of toys, and they benefit from learning with what they are given. AND we won't have to buy everything. :)

I'm so excited I can't even type anymore. My mind is racing.

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